Jidvei   JIDVEI

“Jidvei wines are nurtured in the Tarnave Vineyard, in the heart of Transylvania. Vine-growing and winemaking have a long history in the Tarnave Region: the wines made here were mentioned in 600 BC by the Greek historian Herodotus. But the viticulture in this area truly throve in the 12th Century, after the arrival of Saxon settlers from the Mosel and Rhine valleys. The passion for wine-making has been preserved since over the centuries. Today, JIDVEI wines are not just part of the culture, but have become a symbol of Transylvania. Nothing could be more relevant about the vineyards and our Jidvei wines than the Saxon's name of the region - Weinland/Wine Land... "

Ioana Benga
Export Manager

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Casa Panciu   CASA PANCIU

“The wines crafted on the grounds of NATURA Winery/Casa Panciu today are born out of passion for wine and respect for our ancestors, who transformed the old trade of wine-making in a true art."

Daniel Guzu
General Manager

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