"Nec Plus Ultra"
Sauvignon Blanc


Silver Medal at San Francisco International Wine Competition-2016

Transylvania is not only the land of myths and terrific legends, but also one of the oldest wine region in Europe. known in history as Weinland: The Land of Wine. Its excellent terroir, the local tradition, along with the commitment to excellence of our winemakers led to the birth of some of greatest wines in Europe: "NEC PLUS ULTRA" collection.
Once written on the pillars of the Gibraltar Strait, this adage used to mark the end of the known world and has since become the symbol of extraordinary achievements.
"NEC PLUS ULTRA" Sauvignon Blanc, a medium bodied white wine, offers aroma of peach and grapefruit with subtle green notes, along with flavors of passion fruit and peach and a refreshing acidity.

Gastronomic suggestions: Sea-food, green salad, goat cheese, grilled lamb or chicken.

Recommended to be served chilled, at 55 degrees (F)


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